About Us

The design started with 3 observations:

  1. Mobile is primary
  2. Swiping is better than clicking
  3. Searching multiple websites is valuable

Swurl starts with the idea that we are comfortable with mobile sized content. We see it so much, it is the primary way we browse the web, our brains are now used to it. So let's start with content that is always mobile sized.

Then because of SnapChat and TikTok and Instagram, we are finding people like swiping to see more. There is no need to click to another page or tab for more content. We like immediate access to more content. So let's swipe to see more.

Last, we are going to more and more different websites to search directly. For example YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. That's great, but let's try doing all those searches in 1 place.

This is a design experiment, exploring a different design for a web search engine. Please bear with us, and help us make it better. Contact us with any feedback or questions.

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